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Welcome to Stress Vitals Institute

Stress Vitals institute is an Action Research Institute that is pioneering and sharing scientific breakthroughs on stress to protect those with the threat of a diminished ability to attain a purpose-filled life.

Our Center focuses on neurological and cognitive evidence-based research that can help populations reduce the stressors in their life, which science has shown increases their cognitive health, and our interventions allow them to envision and move toward improved life circumstances.   Through ongoing studies, we improve our model and share our findings in reports to guide practitioners and agencies.

As a Christian faith-based organization, Stress Vitals institute helps create healthier lives with studies and innovations that identify the best faith practices to move people toward improved lives as measured through scientific assessments.

Populations We Serve

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Health Stress

We help those with health related stress stress. We provide strategies to help.

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Life Stress Issues

We help people with the stressors that life brings; we help them find hope.

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Faith and Students

We help those struggling with thier fatih and students with methods to help.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

Stress Vitals Institute LLC is an evidenced-based action research assessment company that provides physiological measures of stress. Our assessment intervention is aligned with our client's faith as we guide them through imagery toward a Christian purpose-filled life!

About Us

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