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Welcome to Stress Vitals Institute

Stress is part of life. Unbalanced stress can lead to cerebrovascular disease, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, and stroke. Stroke is the second most common cause of death; it is preventable, yet 75 million people will suffer from it annually. The problem: routine health exams do not measure stress. We are health professional researchers and offer physiological science-based stress assessments as the first step toward balance. As a faith-based organization, we believe the second step is when your Church helps people implement faith-based tools to guide them toward a stress-balanced purpose-filled life!
Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of spirituality on healing. We promote life balance. We provide two stress reports, a Physician Stress Report, which they give to their health care professional, and a Faith Stress Report for their church leader. Our Faith Stress Report guides faith leaders with a breakdown of the person’s specific life-stressed areas, and we prescribe customized faith intervention tools based on their assessment and faith practices.

Populations We Serve

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Faith Based

We help the faith-based member or their organization understand their stress.

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Memory Care

We help the memory-care facilities help their clients.

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Stroke and Brain Injury

We help stroke victims and brain injury clients or their agency.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

Stress Vitals Institute LLC is an evidenced-based research assessment company that provides physiological measures of stress for health practitioners and the faith community. Our faith-based interventions aligned with clients' faith are tools to free them from stress and be guided guided toward a purpose-filled life!

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