Grundmann, C. H. (2008). Mission and healing in historical perspective. International Bulletin of Missionary Research, 32(4), 185-188.

The mission of an organization is critical to give it guidance on the direction that strategies and planning can develop that are aligned with the mission of the organization. As a Christian faith-based organization focused on heath, we look to the history of the church to help to define what our mission is relative to the larger mission of the church. In this
article the authors were able to provide an in depth look at the place of the mission of the church and healing. They were able to separate the notion of healing that was determined to be relevant in the early church from the practice of medicine which was considered anathema. Still to this day the notion of healing is accepted but science and faith are still separate. The authors were insightful to point out various contradictions in the church. On one hand they accept the notion of the medical field and faith, as many faiths have hospitals. On the other hand it is hard to have a church back
any form of scientific research as they believe it is against the church. While the contradictions and the history are insightful, a more modern examination of these dialectics could have been more informative.

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