Teach, develop and integrate stress with faith

No Christian community, local or global, can sustain itself and flourish without its members learning to use their faith; however, stress can impede this development with cognitive disease and cognitive thinking that impedes their success.

Stress vitals Institute is committed to the international advancement of stress management coupled with the Christian faith as a solution to neurological and cognitive impediments.  We believe the Christian faith can and should be fostered, developed, and assessed relative to medical and social diseases.  Here is a selection of resources for those interested in this approach.  You’ll find discussions of how stress involves neurological and cognitive processes, lists of research about stress,  and practical strategies that have proven valuable for training excellence in stress and faith relative to the populations that we serve.

Content and resources published on our website are intended to further our goal of promoting and improving stress and faith.  We encourage people sharing these interests to link to useful content on this site.