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Dr. Uddoh spent years in the development of this process, she owned a gallery in New York City on West Broadway (Uddoh Gallery Ltd), where she would take groups to museums to view her specifically curated tours to match the group’s needs. She curated exhibits including Christie’s auction house for special events, which was based on her unique ability to use art to create hope.

As a social worker working with various populations in need, she interned at the Visiting Nurse Service in the Bronx. Dr. Uddoh used art education to teach critical thinking and problem solving to help clients move beyond the limitations of their environment.

As a missionary overseas, she worked with at-risk youths to engage them in art education activities so that they could envision a future of hope. She was a clinical supervisor at the Mico Youth Counseling Center.

Dr. Marcia Uddoh believes in using images to allow a person to gain new perspectives and transcend the limitations of their life to attain new levels of happiness. She researched this for her doctoral dissertation, where she earned her Ph.D. in art education at Florida State University.

She would then serve as a clinical faculty member in the Department of art education at the University of Houston. She developed this process into museum art tours, where many were exposed to her unique approach to using the power of art to transform their lives with a new hope positively.

Microsoft Corporation relied on her expertise when they hired her as their only art consultant to curate their entire corporate headquarters in New York City.