Phone: 833-855-5333

You must determine the date that you would like our mobile unit to come to your site. We will reserve the entire date for your event. We can have 9 people sign-up per day. Your date will be confirmed within 24 hours.

To let others know about the stress assessment program. We need to have a contact name and number for your group so that we can provide it for people in your group.

Please know that people from your community may see the flyer and may desire to register for the event. We can request to give you their contact information for you to follow up with all who attended the event. You can schedule your event for any day. The flyers will be made to correspond with that day. When people sign-up for the event you will be informed.

Organizations who book a date and then need to cancel will not be charged unless people have already booked a time slot. Then they would have to reimburse the people who booked with their full fees. So, please ensure you want the date before you book it.

You will get a welcome kit with all the information you will need to prepare for your event. If you have any questions please reach out to us!