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Our focus is research. Research is at the center of our work. We aim to demonstrate how stress is the critical element that adds to the exacerbation of many disease processes that, if addressed, could make significant progress in many areas including prevention, treatment, and outcomes. For this reason, we partner with physicians in various medical areas and work with them to use our method for positive outcomes for their patients. Dr. Marcia Uddoh is adamant that her stress management institute adheres to the highest standards of evidence-based research.

Our Current Research: Stroke and Stress

Worldwide, cerebrovascular accidents, defined as stroke, are the second most common cause of death; they are the third most common cause of disability. The devastation of strokes disproportionately affects low-income populations with the highest incidence. This incidence of stroke is accelerating precipitously because there is inadequate attention to major risk factors for stroke, of which stress is a critical factor. Incomplete stress models lack sufficient attention to the central nervous system, which is an integral part of the pathophysiological processes that control the disease.