HRV is a form of biofeedback therapy training that involves feeding back beat-by-beat heart rate data into a machine as
they address various problems in their life and as they use visualization to allow them to work toward a positive vision
of where they would like to be in their disease process. A biofeedback device shows the patient when they have maximized this interaction on a computer monitor. This affects their ability to recognize visualization methods that can allow them to have optimal outcomes.

The method of biofeedback has been used with various life problems. Dr. Marcia Uddoh designed this method as part of her doctoral program.

  • Psychologist talking with happy man

    Anxiety/ Stress

    We use visualization to address Anxiety and stress

  • Young handsome man wearing virtual reality goggles waving high with remote control gloves


    We use visualization to motivate toward Health optimization

  • Senior Caucasian woman spending time at home, using a VR headset

    Weight loss

    We use visualization to motivate toward Health optimization

  • Electroencephalography concept

    Memory Loss

    We promote memory retention through visualization techniques

  • Group of multi-ethnic teen friends taking selfie picture outdoors


    We use visualization to address pain

  • Pastor and Woman Talking


    We use visualization to address abuse

  • EKG result


    We support the grief process

  • two men looking at report


    We work to work through depression

  • woman praying


    We use visualization to assist people with ADHD