What Happens in a Session?

  • Client completes paperwork for background information
  • Gets brief overview of what will occur
  • Hook up ECG (three sensors only placed on forearm)
  • Client has various visualization exercises
  • Once completed they are placed in a comfortable massage chair
  • They use virtual reality machines to travel to faith place of comfort
  • They receive three stress reports for their social worker, their physician, and their faith leader
  • Client has a debrief session to include questions and answers

How It Works

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  • Psychologist talking with happy man


    You will have an overview of the session

  • Young handsome man wearing virtual reality goggles waving high with remote control gloves

    Stress Assessment

    You will have sensors attached to your arms and will look at a series of images

  • Senior Caucasian woman spending time at home, using a VR headset

    Virtual Reality

    You will wear a virtual reality headset and be transported to a beautiful place

  • Electroencephalography concept

    Biofeedback Intervention

    You will address your stressor and watch how to control it with biofeedback

  • Group of multi-ethnic teen friends taking selfie picture outdoors

    Assess Picture of Hope

    Sensors will be used to determine which picture relaxes you the most, and we will print the picture and give it to you

  • Pastor and Woman Talking


    We will go over reports and a summary of your session

  • EKG result

    Assessment Session

    With 3 EKG sensors on the arm, we record stress wavelengths, analyze the data, and generate reports.

  • two men looking at report


    Get a full physiological stress report to provide health professionals. You are then provided with faith-based tools to reduce stress.

  • woman praying

    Faith Leader Session

    A faith leader receives the faith report outlining the client’s stressor to suggest interventions to guide them toward a purpose-filled life.