Learn how to control the physical and psychological effects of stress using biofeedback.

After a client completes an analysis, the work to move beyond the stressors begins. Comfortably connected to an EKG on the arms, a person will focus on specific stressors and use biofeedback technology to influence heart rate variability to watch how they can manipulate how the stressors affect them through positive visualization and other techniques. The person completes the session with tools to address the stressor when faced with it in real-time so that they can return to a non-stressed state.

Session Details:

  1. We provide an image and a story that causes them to stress
  2. We teach them a technique to overcome the stress re-presented in image
  3. They learn how to problematize the stressor
  4. They learn to find solutions to the stressors
  5. They list 3 things to show evidence that they have overcome the stressor

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