Quickly identify individual characteristics and behaviors that contribute to stress

We provide a detailed report for clients and their physicians to understand the stressors and the relative impact of the stressors on their life. We also provide them with a profile overview relative to their combination of stressors. Clients are equipped with the knowledge to begin a journey to move beyond stress toward a life fulfilled.

Additionally, we give your provider data and reports that they can use to understand the effect that stress is having on your life. We use Heart Rate Variability (HRV) machine with Electroencephalogram (ECG) sensors as the client sits comfortably as a series of images help determine their stress profile. Their stress profile delineates the stress areas that the person is experiencing in their life (financial, education, occupation, neighborhood, relationships, or health).

Session Details:

a. We measure five areas of life stressors (financial, work/school/hobbies, neighborhood/living facility, relationships, and health) using images and heart rate variability (HRV)

b. We provide a report of

  1. Which area causes them the most stress
  2. The order of which areas are causing them the most stress
  3. The comparative magnitude of the stressor on their life

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